Welcome to The Dial! 

The Viadex Dial has been designed to assist the team at Viadex with Sales and Marketing content, assets and activities.

  • The Viadex Sales team to find resources required to support any sales activities
  • The Viadex Marketing Team to deliver marketing content timeously every month

Introducing SASE powered by Cato

Announcing the Partnership with Cato and Viadex

Cato has been a partner of Viadex for over two years and is now being marketed as the Viadex SASE Solution. 

A new microsite has been developed and designed around target personas with access to huge amounts of content and asset for the prospects.

A SASE site has been created on The Viadex Dial to support the internal team.

Dial in the SASE Microsite (Customer Facing)
Dial in the SASE Sales & Marketing (Internal Facing Resources)