SASE Specialist Team

The SASE Specialist Activation Team - Viadex

(All content on this page has been created using Cato Assets as our SASE Partner as authorised by Viadex)
SASE Owner - Director
Dan Hayden-Hammond
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SASE Sales Specialist
Chris Walsh
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SASE Business Dev. Manager
Elliot Rengasamy
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SASE Market Research Analyst
Maila (Bonolo) Moseke 
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SASE Product Manager
Mike Burton
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SASE Pre-Sales Specialist
Stuart Allen    
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What is Single-Vendor SASE?

Gartner defines single-vendor Secure Access Aervice Edge (SASE) offerings as those that deliver:

  1. Multiple Converged-Network (MCN) and Security-as-a-Service capabilities (SaaS), such as Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN),
  2. Secure Web Gateway (SWG),
  3. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB),
  4. Network Fire Walling [Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS)]
  5. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

These offerings use a Cloud-Centric Architecture and are delivered by one vendor.

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SASE Learning & Information

Internal Content Only
  • SASE Videos - Cato Networks
  • SASE Videos - CISO Perspective
  • SASE Specific Item - Pain Point, Consequence, Solution, Win


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SASE Sales Set-up

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  • SASE Persona's - Ideal Clients
  • SASE Competitor Information
  • SASE Questions to Identify Current Reality
  • SASE Customer Entry Points
  • SASE Customer Journey



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SASE Sales Presentation 

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  • SASE¬†Powerpoint Presentation Templates
  • SASE Sales Video Presentation
  • SASE¬†Global Network Image
  • SASE Viadex Brand and Colours for Presentations


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SASE Sales Support

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  • SASE Case Studies
  • SASE Brochures
  • SASE Single Page Infographics
  • SASE Topic Demo Videos


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SASE Media

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  • Viadex SASE Micosite
  • SASE Media Releases
  • SASE Blogs


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